Kobieta w skórzanej spódnicy
Because fashion passes, but skin lasts.
Kobieta w czarnej kurtce skórzanej LA FENICE
What we specialize in
Kobieta w niebieskim płaszczu skórzanym LA FENICE
Classic cuts in unique colors

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LA FENICE leather clothing

Fashion created with love, in Poland

Leather clothing is the foundation of our passion for fashion, which has been going on for over 30 years. We base the production of luxury clothing on three key pillars: comfort of wearing, durability of materials and attention to detail, which are intended to give a unique character.

We invite you to discover the world of LA FENICE - a brand of premium clothing for women and men .

Mężczyzna w kurtce skórzanej typu pilotka
Men's leather clothing
For each season, we prepare clothing made of the highest quality leather in the form of iconic biker jackets, famous aviator jackets, elegant jackets and many other styles. We strive to ensure that every man finds something for himself here.
Młoda kobieta w krótkiej skórzanej spódnicy
Women's leather clothing
In our collections of luxurious natural leather clothing you will find not only such classics as biker jackets, jackets and coats, but also trousers, skirts and corsets in various styles and unique colors.

Female fashion

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<tc>Lilly Leather Biker Jacket</tc>
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<tc>Coco Leather Jacket</tc>
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<tc>Ella Leather Skirt</tc>
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<tc>Margaret Leather Biker Jacket</tc>
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<tc>Matrix Leather Coat</tc>
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Matrix Leather Coat
Regular price 3.300 zł Sale price2.799 zł Save 501 zł
Kobieta i mężczyzna ubrani w skórzane ramoneski LA FENICE
Our offer of natural leather clothing could not be missing.
This is a cult style that has enjoyed undying popularity for years.

Male fashion

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Ramoneska skórzana damska czarna z ćwiekami


Our promise

Not just casual

Also business casual

Kurtka chanelka skórzana czarna

Unique clothing

In unique colors

Dalia is our clients' favorite. A coat made of metallic natural leather with a slight shine. Available in silver, blue, green and cherry colors.


Free delivery and easy returns

Within Poland, we offer free delivery and free returns within 14 days of receiving the order. As a manufacturer of leather clothing, we also have the opportunity to modify your product. If it requires minor corrections, such as extension, shortening or narrowing, please contact us!

Unique leather clothing also in XXL size

Our goal was to create an online store with premium clothing , where everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of size. Most of the styles presented here are available in sizes from XS to 8XL.

Corporate clothes in your style

We strive to ensure that everyone can find something for themselves in our leather clothing store . We pay equal attention to each style. As a manufacturer of leather jackets, we use various materials and many unusual colors to satisfy even the most unique tastes.

A store with elegant outerwear

In our store you will find not only casual styles such as biker jackets, aviator jackets or bomber jackets. Elegant clothing also has its place in every collection. The proposals for women include various variants of the so-called chanels or jackets, and for men we have prepared jackets with a slightly sporty character.

LA FENICE is Polish leather clothing

We are a Polish manufacturer of women's and men's jackets . We founded our first company in 1991 and today, together with our team, we are constantly looking for new answers to the question: what to do to ensure that leather remains timeless? We want you to enjoy your purchase for many seasons.

Branded clothing in 30 colors

Leather clothing is not only black. In our collections you will find over 30 different colors. In addition to classic shades such as brown, beige and red, we also offer unique colors.

We wanted to create a store with unique clothing and thus became the only manufacturer in the region of jackets and coats made of leather in metallic shades, which are characterized by a slight shine. Currently available colors are silver, blue, ice, green, cherry and latte.

For the love of detail

When building a premium clothing store, one of our main assumptions, which we still stick to today, was to pay special attention to the details of our products. As a clothing manufacturer, we have the ability to control our jackets and coats at every stage of production.

Corporate clothing made with you in mind

We sew most of our men's and women's clothes on a regular basis, immediately after receiving your order. So we have the opportunity to make minor changes and modifications. If there is something you would like to change in the jacket or coat you have chosen, please write to us!

Luxurious lambskin clothing

Luxury has many meanings today. In the world of fashion, it is exclusive clothing made of the highest quality materials, often handmade. It is precision of cut, unique design and details that emphasize the unique character.

We often point out that fashionable leather clothing can be of high quality and not cost a fortune. We try to offer attractive prices without compromising on the quality of workmanship. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a stylish look at a wallet-friendly price range. We want to create premium clothing for every budget.