made with love in poland

Thirty years ago, we decided to make our dream come true. We designed and produced our very first leather jacket. This moment was the beginning of our fashion adventure that we called LA FENICE.

We have been sharing this passion with others for three decades. We talk. We listen. We create. We mold visions. Every product is made out of love for what we do. 

Today LA FENICE is a team of creative people who specialize in creating premium quality leather clothing. Because fashion fades and leather is eternal. 

What do we do besides that?


B2B sales are the core of our business. We cooperate with small boutiques and chain stores in Poland, France, Germany and Lithuania. 

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Our workshop is located in Poland and this is where the original LA FENICE collections are created, as well as projects made in collaboration with other brands.

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You do not need your own sewing room to manufacture your own collection. We can do it for you. Learn more about our white-label products

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Made with love

<tc>IN EUROPE</tc>

Every item available here has been designed and manufactured in Poland. By choosing LA FENICE you do support not only us, but also many European suppliers from our region.