"Chanel jacket" made of leather, a reference to the classic!

The famous Chanel jacket is one of the timeless classics whose fame will never fade. A simple cut, decorative buttons and a characteristic neckline are elements that will surely be remembered forever in the history of fashion. How was it created? Where did it come from? And what do we really call "Chanelka"?

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Coco Chanel's fashion revolution

The origins of this jacket, known to all women, date back to pre-war times. Already then, the French fashion designer Coco Chanel came up with the idea of ​​dressing women in clothes that had previously been assigned only to men. The main point was to make women feel free and comfortable in their clothes. Coco, for example, rejected the idea of ​​wearing corsets in favor of costumes resembling men's suits. So it was a kind of fashion revolution that started almost 100 years ago and experienced a rebirth after World War II. This is how the jacket was created, which is now an instantly recognizable piece of clothing all over the world.

Leather Chanel shoe and its prototype

Chanel jackets are characterized by a very simple design. They fit perfectly to the body and fit smoothly, while maintaining their shape. It is this simplicity that affects the comfort of wearing them. Undoubtedly, the most characteristic element is the lack of a collar, which has been replaced with a semi-circular neckline . Decorative details are often jewel-like buttons .

Today, we call "Chanel" a jacket that was created on the basis of a famous original from 100 years ago. It doesn't necessarily have to be leather, but we will focus on natural leather chanel shoes, because they are one of our specializations. Next to biker jackets, Swedish or aviator jackets, they are undoubtedly the leader among the best-selling leather clothing .

Chanel leather jacket, black


Light Chanel jacket made of natural leather…

...it's definitely a great choice, not only for summer! Due to the lack of accessories such as a belt, buckles or insulation, it is not a heavy jacket and is perfect as outerwear. It can be used as a spring or summer jacket, but also to complement the styling during various types of events.

It is worth noting that the so-called Chanel shoes are characterized by a certain amount of elegance . They do not have excess decorations, so they will not dominate your styling. They are a great replacement for jackets , which is why many women wear them during business meetings or to work.

Just like in the original CHANEL jackets, leather jacket manufacturers often use decorative buttons or snaps , but for fans of minimalism, more subtle models are also available, e.g. with a zipper.

Chanel leather zipper jacket


Chanel jacket plus size

This is good news for women looking for larger sizes. Leather jackets and large sizes often do not go hand in hand, but this problem definitely does not apply to the Chanel jacket described here. The simple design allows you to create many XL sizes . Thanks to this line of cuts, we can also be sure that even larger jackets will fit well and be comfortable to wear.

Chanel jacket beige, white and even blue…

Does a Chanel leather jacket always have to be black? Of course not! Nowadays, leather is available in virtually every color possible, and the upcoming spring and summer are definitely the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with new colors! The most popular jackets are beige, brown, white and red , but many of our clients also choose blue, pink and even yellow. The world belongs to the brave! :)

Women's yellow leather jacket


You can practically count the number of timeless models of leather jackets on the fingers of one hand. Many years ago , the Chanel jacket joined their ranks. In today's fashion world, trends change all the time, but some classics will stay with us forever and that's why it's worth having them in your wardrobe. We are sure that the Chanel leather jacket will not lose its fame either!

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