Spring leather coats - 5 proposals from LA FENICE

Women's leather coats are one of the most frequently purchased types of outerwear in spring and autumn. As in the case of natural leather jackets, there are so many different models that choosing the one is not the easiest. In this article, we would like to present you 5 proven LA FENICE styles that our clients most often choose! We have described each of them to make it easier for you to search for your new coat.

women's long matrix leather coat


Are leather coats fashionable?

However, before we move on to specific models, we would like to start by answering this question. In fact, we could expand it a bit and ask: is leather clothing fashionable? If this worries you too and you are looking for leather clothes, we have good news: it has never gone out of fashion!

Leather, as a natural raw material used to make not only jackets and coats, but also vests, dresses, skirts and trousers, has been with us for decades and is eagerly worn regardless of the season. Thanks to the fact that it is timeless and universal, it suits almost all occasions and various styles. You will find it in almost every collection not only of the largest fashion houses, but also of world-famous chain stores. 

women's blue leather coat


Black leather coat with belt 

Women's long leather coat like from the movie entitled "The Matrix". It was this Hollywood production that inspired us to create the model whose photo is presented below. It's minimalism combined with a certain amount of extravagance. It is characterized by a classic, quite straight line of cuts, an elegant collar, epaulettes fastened with buttons and a belt with a buckle . Additionally, there are narrow straps with buckles on the sleeves. The coat is equipped with functional pockets and buttons giving it additional character. We made it from lambskin with a semi-matte structure . It is worth noting that it is not shiny and at the same time stands out against the background of clothing made of fully matte leather. The coat is long enough to reach almost to the ankles and has a slight cinch at the waist to accentuate the figure. It will work great not only in everyday styles, but also in more elegant ones, for example when going to a party. 


women's long leather coat, black


Knee-length leather coat 

A women's knee-length leather coat is another of our proposals. As the title suggests - it is shorter than the above-mentioned Matrix . The model called Dalia , which we present below, is unique for many reasons. First of all, the type of leather we used here, or rather its color and structure, is unique. As with all other products, it is natural lambskin, which is characterized by extraordinary softness and lightness . What makes it stand out from other products is its characteristic metallic shade . It gives the coat a slight shine. It is worth emphasizing the word "light" here, because it is not a shiny material. The blue and silver leather coats are our clients' absolute favorites. 

Other characteristic features of Dalia include a spacious hood , the inside of which is finished with perforated leather, and a long belt that can be tied in many different ways.


leather coat with hood


Cherry coat made of natural leather

The model called Emma L. is very similar to the Dalia described above. We also make it from metallic leather with a very slight shine . Our favorite is the cherry color , because it definitely stands out from the background of leather in classic shades. This coat also has a long belt that can be tied in many ways and a hood with a knitted interior. There are zippers on the sleeves, thanks to which we can easily roll them up. The coat will be perfect for both spring and autumn, and its metallic color will certainly add a touch of freshness to your wardrobe. 
women's cherry leather coat


Spring coat made of lambskin

You've certainly heard of the so-called Chanel jackets, the main feature of which is the characteristic semi-circular neckline . If you are also a fan of them, but are currently looking for a coat for spring, then the models created by the famous CHANEL jackets may be the perfect choice. 

Our proposition is the Catrin model - a light spring leather coat in lemon color. It is a shade of yellow that we have slightly toned down, making it a bit paler. It is shorter than the models described above and is characterized by an asymmetrically placed zipper . It has a subtle waistline and works well with both everyday and more elegant styles. Thanks to the straight line of cuts, it is possible to produce even large sizes . On special orders, we also sew it in black, blue and red. 
spring leather coat lemon


Leather coat with a hood 

The Saba model shown below is the only one in our collection that does not have a waistline . Therefore, it gives the impression of an oversize coat, i.e. made in a slightly larger size . Thanks to its simple design, wearing it is very comfortable, even when you wear several layers of clothing underneath in the fall. Another advantage is the hood, additionally finished with perforated leather , which will protect you on colder, windy days. It is no wonder that Saba is one of the most frequently purchased jackets in early spring and autumn. The best sellers are definitely dark green, cherry and metallic blue . 


women's leather coats with hood



The decision is yours!

All the models described above can be found in our store in the category: women's leather coats . Remember that as a manufacturer, we can adapt any style to your needs. We can sew your chosen jacket or coat in the color of your choice and in many sizes . So if you have any questions about your order, please write to us - we will be happy to help you!

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