Men's leather jackets

Men's leather jacket does not have to always look the same! It can be famous pilot , classic biker jacket - often described as motorcycle clothing , sports jacket , insulated leather jacket or - on the contrary - light summer jacket. There are many options and we want to show it to you in the LA FENICE online store!

Our leather clothing is a variety of styles, many colors and a wide range of sizes. We only sew from soft and light, natural, premium quality lambskin . Winter jackets are insulated with ecological down , while models recommended for fall or early spring are often equipped with retractable lining , which makes them good also a choice for summer. The biggest advantage of leather clothing is that you can wear it all year round!

Also large sizes

We know that men's leather jackets in large sizes are unfortunately not available in many brands. That is why we are constantly increasing our size and more and more styles - including biker jackets, pilot jackets and jackets - we sew in large size XXL - some models up to 6XL (64) . We are working on constantly expanding this collection. Do you think something is missing? Write to us!