LA FENICE's women's fashion is primarily leather jackets and coats - both summer and winter. Among them you will find not only classics such as women's biker jackets and jackets , but also genuine leather pants , skirts , corsets , dresses and leather belts .

We sew many styles in several variations - e.g. from various types of materials - and in many colors. We adhere to the principle that leather clothing does not have to always look the same. Especially since we wear it properly all year round. A leather jacket is a great choice and a long-term investment for spring and summer, and a padded jacket for fall and winter. It should also be available to everyone, no matter what size you are. So we are working on offering most of our products also in large size XXL .

What connects each product presented in our store is the fact that we sew it using only premium lambskin . Exclusive leather clothes are made from it, because it is an extremely soft and light material - this distinguishes it from other types of leather and has a huge impact on the comfort of wearing.