Our men's fashion is primarily leather jackets - both summer and winter - including items such as: men's bomber jackets , pilot jackets , jackets , jackets insulated and belts made of natural leather .

We often sew classic styles in various variations and many colors. We believe that leather clothing does not always have to look the same. It should also be available to everyone, no matter what size you are - large, small or custom. However, its biggest advantage is by far the fact that we can wear it properly at any time of the year .

A properly selected leather jacket may turn out to be an investment for , but also a bull's eye for spring, summer, and a warm one - also for fall and winter. So we make every effort to be able to offer a variety of models. However, there is one feature common to all the jackets presented in the LA FENICE boutique - we sew them only from lambskin - apart from the fact that it is a very high quality material, it is also characterized by extraordinary softness and lightness . Thanks to this, wearing it is very comfortable, even when you put on a few additional layers of clothes on cold days.