Women's leather biker boots

Women's Leather Ramones Jacket is a jacket that has not gone out of fashion for years. This design, launched in the 1970s by the punk rock band Ramones, is now available in countless versions.

A bomber jacket can be classic, without a collar, short, long, insulated ... There are many options! Due to this diversity, this cut fits almost every styling - not only everyday, but also more elegant , e.g. for evening dress .

The LA FENICE Ramones boots are made of natural lambskin . It is distinguished by the fact that it is soft and very light , which is why it is so eagerly chosen in summer and spring. Leather jackets of this type can also be insulated - then they are an ideal option for fall. We sew women's models in many different colors. Black Ramones is a classic, but you will also find a white, red, green, blue and pink version - also large XXL sizes , because plus size fashion is not a problem for us!

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